Monat: September 2019

Fieldtest of the tracker in summer 2017

From monday, 24th of august, the first energy-autonomous tracker (without batteries), was tested in Freiburg. Our system was attached to a sheep as a collar, collecting for several days the temperature gradient at the TEGs, activity and energy-state of the system. All data was directly sent through a gateway on the farm to the webserver,…

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Outstanding paper award at PowerMEMS 2017 in Kanazawa

Our paper „Development of a batteryless VHF-Beacon and tracker for mammals“ got the outstanding paper award at the international conference PowerMEMS 2017. At this conference we presented our first version of the tracker in a talk and also demonstrated the system in a live demo. As we had no sheep, we used a small peltier-element…

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The aim of this project

In a rapidly changing environment and an ongoing decrease of habitats for wild animals, the investigation how to integrate and protect them is a growing demand of the public. The question how endangered animals like the wolf of lynx can be preserved and integrated in the cultural heritage of Germany is one of the most…

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